Give Honor Where Honor Is Due

Kate Meyer

READ : Exodus 20:1-7

Hallowed be your name. (Matt. 6:9)

In the church in which I grew up, there is a stained
glass window of Jesus that has
made numerous impressions on me. One such incident
occurred when I asked why Jesus was
wearing a halo. After some laughter, I was told he isn’t
“wearing a halo,” but that the
light around him was there to remind us that Jesus is

That was the moment I began to try to reconcile the
fact that Jesus is my friend with
the fact that God is holy and deserves to be hallowed.
Since “hallow” is no longer a part
of our regular vocabulary, it may feel strange to say,
even in a prayer. To hallow God’s
name means that we have not forgotten the awe, fear, and
reverence due God. Still, how can
I call God “Father” and at the same time also revere
God’s name as sacred and holy?
Fortunately, these truths can exist at the same time
because they actually enrich each other.

When we say our Father in the same breath as hallowed be your name we acknowledge that
though we can know God personally, God still deserves our honor and praise. It reminds us that we have an intimate relationship with a God who is
serious, real, and powerful. We are loved by one who has the power to change our lives. God is worthy of all praise, and we should remember that whenever we approach God’s throne. In praying these words, we confess that we come to God knowing that it is a privilege to even speak God’s name.


Help me to always remember the honor and glory that is yours. Amen.