God's Kingdom Here on Earth

Kate Meyer

READ : Genesis 1:26-31

And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and

fill the earth and subdue it and

have dominion . . . over every living thing that moves

on the earth.” (v. 28)

As we grow, our need for personal space grows with
us. As years pass, though, the
addition of roommates, a spouse, pets, and children can
make finding a space of our own
difficult. That personal space, the one place where you
are able to be yourself and take
time to breathe, is hard to protect from well-meaning
invasion. The thought of someone
else entering it, even a loved one, and leaving their
mark or redecorating it can be a
difficult adjustment.

Imagine, then, entrusting your personal space to
another’s care. You leave specific
guidelines for what to do, of course, but there is no
guarantee those guidelines will be
followed. This is what God did when he entrusted the
earth to human hands. God provided
instructions on how to tend and care for the earth but
certainly had no guarantee those
instructions would be followed. (Nor have they

When we pray your kingdom come we pray for a return
of the fullness of God’s kingdom.
Yet even now we can work to answer our own prayer. We
have been entrusted with the care of
God’s creation in anticipation of the arrival of God’s
kingdom on earth. We should care
for creation not because it’s the fashionable thing, but
because our hearts call us to
help usher in God’s kingdom by working to restore the
world God created.


Lord, help us lovingly care for the creation you entrusted to us.