The Big Picture

Kate Meyer

READ : Matthew 26:36-46

Your will be done. (Matt. 6:10)

I have always been an independent person. Therefore, when I met my husband I was anxious about losing that independence. Though we loved each other, I feared that as two independent people it would be hard to sacrifice our own personal desires for the good of the other. Thankfully, I soon learned that the give-and-take of compromise makes life a more complete experience.

For many, the decision to follow Christ causes a similar anxiety. It is no small thing to pray for God’s will to be done, because it likely means that what you want for yourself may not occur or will be altered in some way.

Though it is difficult, we need to acknowledge that God knows more than we do, and his way is better than ours. Praying “your will be done” signifies our willingness to submit to God’s direction, even when that direction makes no sense. It means that even in those times of confusion or disappointment we will be content.

When we feel our will is best, it is difficult to submit and ask for God’s will to be done instead. But don’t you think that God sees things we could not begin to comprehend? If we are faithful, we will experience the blessing of living as God directs. Through
prayer and study of the Word, our will can daily align with God’s. That is a truly beautiful place to be.


Lord God, help me to seek your will above my own. Amen.