One Day at a Time

Kate Meyer

READ : Matthew 6:25-34

Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. (v. 34)

In the book of Exodus (3:14), God tells Moses his name is “I Am.” Some people have
suggested that this name is not meant to be cryptic but serves as a reminder to live in
the present. Jesus told us that being anxious about tomorrow is futile, since tomorrow has
enough worries of its own.

When God used the name “I AM” at the burning bush, he was preparing Moses to persuade
the Israelites to begin a journey that would require their complete dependence on him.
When Jesus taught us to focus on the present moment by praying “Give us this day . . . ,”
he was trying to keep us from looking too far ahead in anxious thought about the future.
Our society furthers this tendency by instilling fear about money and status. We focus on
the future in order to reach a goal we have created. We look behind us and get bogged down
in regret or sorrow.

God continues to stress the importance of living in the present because doing so
displays our complete trust in him as our provider. When you say “give us this day,” trust
God enough to not need to know exactly what tomorrow holds. When you awake each morning,
believe that you will have all you need to make it through that particular day.


Lord God, thank you for providing what I need for today. Help me not to worry

about what will be and to enjoy this day to its fullest. Amen.