Our Daily Bread

Kate Meyer

READ : Numbers 11:1-15

And the people of Israel also wept again and said, “Oh that we had meat to eat!” (v. 4)

I like bread, but when I consider the phrase daily bread I wonder how I would react if
bread were the only thing I had to eat all day, every day. The Israelites might reveal the
answer: they complained that God gave them only manna to eat, day after day. But this was
indicative of a pattern throughout Scripture of the Israelites always wanting something
different, anything other than what they had been provided.

The Israelites began by complaining there was no food in the desert (Ex. 16:1-3). At
first they were grateful when the manna came. But eventually they were dissatisfied and
complained that they couldn’t even stand the sight of it (Num. 11:6). When Jesus taught us
to pray “give us this day our daily bread” he was reminding us that God will provide for
all our needs, not necessarily all our desires.

God showers us with blessings, but to want more than our needs reveals a desire for
more than God alone. It shows what we really think: that to be truly fulfilled we need
bigger and better and more. Bread is not enough; we want filet mignon! This addiction to
bigger and better can blind us to the blessings around us. We experience God’s blessing in
fullest measure when we rely on God alone and trust that he is all we need. Simple as it
may be, don’t underestimate the benefits of daily bread.


Dear God, thank you for what you provide. Help me to be grateful rather than always searching for more. Amen.