Broken Promises

Carol Moerman

READ : Ezekiel 17:11-24

Let your `Yes’ be `Yes,’ and your `No,’ `No.’ (Matt. 5:37 NIV)

In 1945 Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin met in Yalta to discuss the re-organization of
post-war Europe. Russia had already seized Poland and Romania, “liberating” them from the
Germans. Churchill was pushing for free elections and democratic governments in Eastern
Europe. Stalin assured him that “because the Russians had greatly sinned against Poland,
the government was trying to atone for those sins. . . . The Soviet Union is interested in
the creation of a mighty, free and independent Poland.” Borders were redrawn and the
future set. Less than six weeks later, the US Ambassador to the Soviet Union notified
Roosevelt that the Soviet intention was totalitarianism, not democracy and free elections.
Half of Europe would sink into the cold night of winter for the next fifty years, living
behind what Churchill christened “The Iron Curtain.”

Does God care about the injustice perpetrated against innocent people? The Lord’s words
through Ezekiel assure us that he does: “Will he who does such things escape? Will he
break the treaty and yet escape?” Treaties are sacred promises made before God. Lincoln
noted: “In times like these men should utter nothing for which they would not be willingly
responsible through time and eternity.” Notably, Poland was the first Soviet satellite to
break totalitarianism’s iron grip, led by a Catholic shipyard electrician named Lech
Walesa, in “a year of miracles” (1989). Clearly the Lord had decided it was time to set
things right!


Lord God of the nations, we pray for liberty and justice for all.