Truth or Lies?

Carol Moerman

READ : Ezekiel 28:11-19

They exchanged the truth of God for a lie. (Romans 1:25 NIV)

The 18th century Enlightenment is hailed as the Age of Reason. Many Europeans began to
throw off “worn out” religious dogmas and embraced rationalism as a leap forward in human
achievement. Truth was what could be scientifically verified. Yet a new (or old)
spirituality grew alongside technological advances. Today, belief in magic, worship of
“Mother Earth,” and a desire to connect with the spirit world apart from the biblical God
has gripped Western Europe. France boasts of being the most secular nation in Europe,
while still identifying itself somehow as Catholic. To the French, Christianity = “the
church” = “religion”; and most are not interested, as empty Cathedrals testify. Human
pride – commitment to personal fulfillment and confidence in human ability to find
solutions for the world’s problems apart from God – is the essence of rebellion. The
French epitomize this. Yet they also identify themselves as deeply spiritual. France
reports more registered spiritist healers than doctors, lawyers, and priests combined.

Even in our rebellion, God does not abandon us. The largest church in Paris has an
African pastor who preaches Christ with power, and people come to see. They are
rediscovering the God of the Bible. An Algerian Muslim living in Paris, now following
Jesus, marveled that the pocket New Testaments being sold from corner stores were
difficult to keep in stock. She said, “Something is changing. People want to know about
Jesus.” Secularism will not endure. Only God’s kingdom is forever.


O Christ, send your power to draw people to yourself.