Get in the River!

Carol Moerman

READ : Ezekiel 47:1-12

Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing. (v. 12 NIV)

Ezekiel sees a future day when the temple is rebuilt and the Lord reigns actively as
King over his people. With Jesus’ coming, Ezekiel’s vision has become reality. Jesus is
the new temple, where God’s people meet him and worship. Jesus now reigns in heaven, and
is with us on earth. At his bidding, his Spirit flows like a mighty river throughout the

Wherever this river flows it brings life. Swarms of creatures live in its transforming
wake. Everbearing fruit trees thrive on its banks. This is a river of life, and we are
invited to go swimming! We can sit on the bank and watch it flow by, stick in a toe and
check the temperature, or dive in, letting the water carry us.

If we will surrender to the Spirit of Christ, he will transform us. We will not only
find healing, but also become healing agents. He will make us fishermen. In a world filled
with lost people, we are invited to spread our nets – the fishing is good! The Lord
brings life to all who seek him.

In times of despair, God sends a message of hope. He has not forgotten his people, nor
has he abandoned them. In times of suffering, he promises healing. In times of loss, he
points to opportunities yet to come. He has plans for us, “plans for good and not for
evil, to give hope and a future.”


Jesus, fill me with your Spirit today.