What Are You Waiting For?

Adam Navis

READ : Revelation 21:1-8

. . . and God himself will be with them as their God. (v. 3)

Our vision of the future will shape our lives today. Think of a newly engaged couple,
anticipating their wedding day. They prepare by not only talking about the day, but by
reserving a location, buying a dress, choosing flowers, food, and arranging other details.
Or imagine a family, waiting to welcome a new baby into their home. They redecorate a
nursery and discuss names. They make doctors appointments and read books. People shower
them with gifts to prepare them for the baby. Or think of anyone trying to fund their
retirement. They understand what it means to prepare for the future. In all these ways,
our vision of the future defines how we live today.

Today’s Scripture tells of a time when God will dwell forever with his people. It will
be a time of no crying. God himself will wipe away tears. There will be no pain. There
will be no death. To those who thirst, God will give water from the spring of life. God
and his people will live together in perfect harmony, in a holy city.

And as we wait for this time, we must ask ourselves, “How will this vision of the
future shape our lives today?” If my future is to be a citizen of the city of God, how
will I live in preparation for this time? Perhaps I might dry some tears. Or offer water
to those who thirst. Or maybe I will not let the winds of the moment sway me so much
because I know how the story ends.


Lord, may your promises of the future give me motivation for today.