The Problem with Love

Adam Navis

READ : Romans 12:9-21

Love one another with brotherly affection. (v. 10)

Go to any romantic-comedy movie and you’ll see love depicted as the greatest force on
earth. Romantic love has the power to change the world. Boy meets girl. Boy faces obstacle
to get girl. Boy overcomes insurmountable odds to be with girl. Their love pulls them
together, the music swells, and then they kiss. The film may end there, but this is only
the beginning of a real-life relationship. Not many people, though, want to watch a movie
about the hard work of keeping a long marriage vibrant.

And when you come home from the movie and turn on your television, you have even less
chance of seeing real love in action. Watch a roundtable discussion of war, economic
matters, political scandals, and you will not hear a single mention of love. Republican or
Democrat, conservative or liberal, it doesn’t matter. Imagine the reaction if a pundit was
to actually suggest that the solution to a social problem was for us to love one another.
They would risk being laughed off the program.

As Christians, we know the true reality of love. We know that love is a powerful force
for change, in ourselves and in the world. Love can be messy, at times a struggle, and
even painful. Yet, if we desire to “overcome evil with good,” if we want to cure AIDS,
clean up the environment, feed the hungry, and care for the widows and orphans of the
world, we must use the power of love in all the ways that Romans 12 commands.


Let your love in me shape my words and actions.