Mark Fackler

READ : Matthew 19:27-30

. . . at the renewal of all things. (v. 28 NIV)

Is there a greater promise than this? God has sent out a notice for the renewal of all
things, and the terms of the notice are prepaid.

What are those terms? For starters, sin’s penalty has been erased. That’s huge. We
could not pay it ourselves even with a lifetime of charity campaigns. To have that bill
cleared means we have a future, instead of bankruptcy or worse.

So what’s the future? Details of the new world will be worked out, but you can be sure
there will be more wonder and beauty than you’ve ever seen, not to mention power and
authority. And it will be at least a hundred times better than the best things we’ve ever
known here.

Have we got a date for when it all will happen? Nothing firm. Could be any day. God
knows for sure, when and how. Meanwhile, for us, the important thing is being ready,
showing up, doing all we can for Jesus. But look, he has paid the bills, he has sent the
notice, the Spirit is here to meet with us and help make the campaign a success, and Jesus
has made renewal his number one priority.

Want a job in this firm? You can have it – and there’s plenty of work to do. No chance of a layoff, and no company in the world can match Jesus’ benefits package. But you’ve got to be ready to follow his lead, even on days when you’d rather call in sick.


Renew my life, Lord, as I represent your spectacular plan to clients everywhere. They need this, and so do I.