Mark Fackler

READ : John 1:1-13

To all who did receive him . . . he gave the right to become children of God. (v. 12)

God’s School offers a curriculum in redemption, repentance, reconciliation, and all the
rest. But there is one item without which it all remains merely informational. You must

“OK already, I’ll add it to my schedule.”

Not really. To receive Christ is not like picking up the mail, or downloading a song.
Receiving Christ is a posture of the heart. The pupil comes to God with queries,
discontents, and bewilderments, but mostly with a heart open to God. “Teach me, Lord, your
deep truth, and let me walk with you today.”

Receiving Christ is opening yourself to the Lord, who has “plans to give you a future
and a hope” (Jer. 29:11). It is surrendering your life to God, in order to find it (Mark

Some churches have a formula for doing this. One famous formula was called “The Four
Spiritual Laws” by Campus Crusade founder Bill Bright. Different people use other diagrams
and flow charts. All boil down to this: the stoically determined person who would never
submit to anyone realizes that God’s love draws him or her to yield. There is resistance,
sometimes postponements, but at last, relief and assurance that God can be trusted and
received as “Lord of my life.” I believe that Jesus died for me; I now confess that my
loyalty, love, and life belong to him.

Receiving Christ is the gateway to understanding all that God wants to teach us, and
experiencing all that he has to give us. It’s a very good thing to do.


I receive you, Jesus, as my Leader, Savior, and risen Lord.