Geoffrey Cox

READ : Philippians 2:19-22

I have no one else like him. (v. 20 NIV)

Whenever he has the chance, Paul praises people. How often do you see in others the
good he sees in Timothy? And how often do you tell them so?

  • Paul praises Timothy as a faithful messenger (v. 19). Paul knows that the news he
    wants delivered and brought back will be provided by this trusty helper.
  • Paul praises Timothy’s pastoral heart (v. 20). Timothy genuinely cares. He puts
    other people before himself and he cares for them because he cares about Jesus.
  • Paul praises Timothy as a reliable minister (v. 22) who served with Paul because
    he was trusted by Paul.

There is much more about Timothy in the two letters Paul wrote to him, but the things
he singles out here are very important characteristics for any Christian. James tells us
that the Bible is a mirror where we can check on ourselves. Try rereading what Paul says
about Timothy and inserting your name for his. How do you measure up? Are you a faithful
helper? What tasks have you been given to do “in the work of the gospel” – and that
covers a very wide reach – and how are you carrying them out? How much “genuine
interest” do you take in your fellow church-people, and are you showing it by how you

These are the characteristics that are praiseworthy. Not flashy, not “successful,” but
faithful, reliable, caring.


Lord, make me work at being reliable.