Paul's Citizenship

Geoffrey Cox

READ : Philippians 3:15-4:1

Our citizenship is in heaven. (v. 20 NIV)

Where is home for you? Are you happy there? Do you aspire to someplace better? For
Christians the ultimate answer to the question, “Where is your home?” is “heaven.”

Philippi was founded as a retirement colony for Roman soldiers. The Philippians were
justly proud of their Roman citizenship. For that matter, Paul too could appreciate the
value of his own Roman citizenship. It came in handy more than once, when he was faced
with arrest and interrogation.

But here he contrasts earthly and heavenly citizenship. Paul wants the Philippians (and
us) to value our eternal citizenship, and realize that while we may rightly love our
countries and communities, we really are aliens here. So we don’t set our minds on the
things of this world. Like many refugees today, we look forward to returning someday to
our native homeland. Or rather, for us, to the return of our king from our heavenly
homeland to establish his kingdom in the world in which we now live. And, for us with our
failing bodies, we also look forward to that day when the Lord will transform them to be
like his glorious resurrection body.


Lord, let me live as a good citizen of heaven in expectation of your coming again.