Jack Roeda

READ : 1 Peter 3:1-9

Wives, in the same way be submissive to your husbands so that, if any of them do not

believe the word, they may be won over. (v. 1 NIV)

Plutarch, a first-century Greek historian, in his Advice to the Bride and Groom, wrote:
“A woman ought not to make friends of her own but enjoy her husband’s friends in common
with him. The gods are the first and most important friends. Hence it is becoming for a
wife to worship and to know only the gods that her husband believes in, and to shut the
door tight upon all strange rituals and outlandish superstition.”

Now Peter writes to wives who have become friends of Jesus Christ. They have not
followed Plutarch’s advice to worship only their husband’s gods. And Peter does not tell
them to give up their loyalty to Christ. Instead, he counsels them to live responsibly as
Christians in their roles as wives and encourages them to become covert evangelists “that
(the husbands) may be won over,” not with words but with conduct that is molded in the
image of Jesus Christ.

It takes great wisdom to be winsome for Christ in family relationships where there is
unbelief. Our words are quickly interpreted as nagging, harping, or hassling. It’s all
counterproductive. Peter tells us here that it’s not the talk but the walk. We are called
to let the light of Christ shine through us; we are not charged to pry blind eyes


Lord Jesus, help us to live wisely for your name’s sake. Amen.