Life, Service, and Enjoyment

Steve Petroelje

READ : Revelation 21:22-27

The kings of the earth will bring their glory into it. (v. 24)

What will we do for eternity in heaven? Some think heaven is only an endless worship
service. We will certainly worship there. Revelation 7 portrays a picture of a great
multitude from every nation, tribe, people, and language worshiping together. We can look
forward to this amazing experience of diversity and praise. Yet, as amazing as worship
before the throne will be, the Bible reveals that heaven is more.

We will celebrate the wedding supper of the lamb there (Rev. 19:6-9). The foretaste of
the feast we have in the Lord’s Supper will find its fulfillment at the heavenly banquet

We will enjoy the unblemished reality of God’s creation. If the new heaven and new
earth exists on a purified earth, then the created order will be restored to its pre-sin
condition. There will be no curse (Rev. 22:3), no danger, or darkness. Instead we will
experience awesome beauty and eat from the tree of life bearing fruit each month with
healing in its leaves.

And we will work and serve with great fulfillment as Adam did in the garden prior to
the fall. Revelation 21:24-26 foretells of the glory and honor of the nations brought into
the city. All the best gifts of God will be present in the new creation.

Needless to say, heaven will not be boring! It’s going to be an eternal celebration of
worship, feasting, living, serving, and fellowship.


Lord, I can’t wait to experience what you have in store for those who trust in you.