Already/Not Yet

Steve Petroelje

READ : John 20:17-22

I have not yet ascended to the Father. (v. 17)

We live in an already/not yet period of human history. Jesus Christ has died, risen,
and ascended; yet, we await his second coming and our own resurrection. Jesus described
this time to Mary while they conversed outside of the empty tomb.

The already/not yet principle explains both the hope and heartaches of life. We already
know that Jesus is victorious. We already receive salvation through his atoning work, and
we experience many joys and gifts from God. But we are not yet with him. We experience the
pain of separation and must wait to see Jesus face to face.

Our calling, in this moment, is not to sit back idly but to make the most of each
opportunity. We can share the good news, be a blessing in the lives of others, serve the
Lord in the church and world, impact the kingdom, live as faithful stewards, and
experience abundant life. We can also look forward to the glory that awaits. Richard
Baxter once wrote of heaven, “My knowledge of that life is small, the eye of faith is dim,
but it’s enough that Christ knows all, and I shall be with him.”

How are you dealing with the effects of living in a world impacted by the curse? Don’t
despair, for the best is yet to come. There is much that is not yet ours, that will
someday be!


Savior, give me patience as I celebrate the already and await the not yet.