Going Home

Steve Petroelje

READ : Luke 15:11-32

This brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found. (v. 32)

Learning about life after death is useless if we are not ready to stand before the
judgment seat of God. Those who have not received Christ Jesus as Savior and Lord are like
the prodigal son who was lost and dead in sin. When we give our lives to Jesus, we are
found! Heaven is for believers, and as wonderful as it will be, our ticket to heaven must
be punched on this side of death. We do not know when our lives will end or when Christ
will return, so don’t miss the urgency of the moment.

If you are reading this devotional as a once lost son or daughter who has come to life
and has been found by the grace of God, then let the love of Christ and the anticipation
of heaven motivate you to reach out to those who are still lost. Sadly, we often act like
the older brother, thinking that we have earned the father’s love and failing to give
others a second chance. Churches can become inward focused rather than life-saving
stations for those who desperately need Jesus.

The good news of God’s word is that he never stops searching for us! Is there anything
more amazing than lost children of God coming home? I hope you have grown in your
understanding and appreciation of heaven. I hope even more that you and everyone you meet
eyes with each day will someday be there!


Loving Father, thank you for making heaven possible for me!