A Road-tested Faith

Chic Broersma

READ : Genesis 22:1-19

After these things God tested Abraham. (v. 1)

God directs, “Take your son. Offer him as a sacrifice to me.” How could God make such a
demand? A father doing that today would land behind bars. Was it faith or craziness
driving Abraham on? Yet Scripture reports “and the two of them walked on together.”
Picture a father and son, fishing poles in hand, walking off to a nearby lake. But Abraham
and Isaac were walking toward a nearby mountain, with the son bearing the wood on his

And why a three-day journey? Every day was one more time for Abraham to look into his
son’s eyes and be heartbroken; one more time to ask, “Did I misunderstand? What about your
promise, Lord?” This was the son through whom all the nations of the earth would be
blessed. No Isaac, no blessing. It makes no sense. The purpose of God seemed to oppose the
plan of God. Yet Abraham declared, “God himself will provide the offering.”

We wonder if our faith could stand such a trial. So we pray, “Put me not to the test”
(a more literal translation of Lead me not into temptation).

While dying a thousand deaths along the way, Abraham moves forward by faith. You know
believers like him. You may be one too. Faith’s test is to journey on even when we fail to
understand, to go on loving God even when our hearts are broken.


O Lord, increase my faith. Help me meet the challenges of the day. Lead me according to your good plan.