Suddenly a Burning Bush

Chic Broersma

READ : Exodus 2:1-25

But Moses fled from Pharaoh. (v. 15)

Chuck Colson was a hard-charging, up-and-coming aide in the Nixon White House. Then
Watergate crimes landed him behind bars, his career ruined forever. But there he met the
Lord. Later, the same drive and determination once used to steal political secrets would
make him the tireless leader of Prison Fellowship.

Moses had killed an Egyptian and is leaving Egypt in a rush. Pharaoh knows what he did
and he’s out for blood. So Moses escapes into exile in the wilderness. His life is pretty
much over. He’s feeling like a worthless nobody. But in the desert he experiences the
burning bush. He meets God and gives himself over to him to do his bidding. That powerful
sense of justice that caused him to kill the Egyptian, the compassion that prompted him to
draw water for Reuel’s daughters: these are qualities God can use.

The gospel is our burning bush encounter, our prison cell conversion. Take all you know
about yourself, your passion and skills, and turn them over to Christ. Let God sort out
what’s useful. Your part is simply to devote yourself to his service. Sometimes, when we
feel like our life has reached the bottom, God chooses that moment to do a great work in
us and through us. Like Colson and Moses, if we know we can be useful to God, then our
lives are enriched with a sense of purpose. No matter what our past, we have a future.


Lord, you made me and saved me. I am ready. Use me today.