Walking through the Valley

Adam Navis

READ : Psalm 23

I will fear no evil, for you are with me. (v. 4)

According to the Center for Disease Control, as many as five million Americans have
Alzheimer’s disease. Five percent of people aged 65-74 and nearly half of people over 85
suffer from it. Unlike cancer and heart disease, cases of Alzheimer’s are rising. And
scientists do not fully understand what causes it. Alzheimer’s is touching the lives of
millions, including many Christians. This disease raises questions about life and death,
and brings emotional, physical, and spiritual struggle. It is a challenge to faith.

Doug Van Bronkhorst is the executive director of the U.S. branch of InterServe, an
international mission agency. His devotional reflections come from the experience of
living through his father’s long struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. He explains his goals
in writing this way:

The following devotionals are based on a variety of texts, from Genesis to
Revelation. All are applied to Alzheimer’s disease, an aspect of American life that cries
out for biblical reflection. Alzheimer’s challenges our faith. Like any crisis, it focuses
one’s attention; hopefully not just on the difficulties, but also on God’s promises, our
neighbor’s need, the way of the cross, and the joy of our salvation. The point of these
devotions isn’t to highlight a disease per se, but a faith that enables one to live and
die in the Lord. I hope all will find them helpful, especially those in the battle right


Lord, be near to those struggling with Alzheimer’s.