Be Thankful

Jeff Munroe

READ : Luke 17:11-19

He fell on his face at Jesus’ feet, giving him thanks. (v. 16)

We aren’t born grateful. I’ve seen lots of kids so conditioned to automatically say “thank you,” that they repeat it whenever an adult asks “What do you say?” Even when the correct response is “Please.” Parents drill in politeness as a stand-in for gratitude, hoping it eventually develops.

It’s only when we begin to comprehend that the universe doesn’t revolve around us that we have a chance to become really grateful for our place in it. Some of us never get there. Jesus healed ten lepers and only one returned to say thanks. The one who returned was a despised Samaritan, perhaps the least likely to fall on his face before Jesus. Did the others feel they were entitled to be healed? Or maybe they were just too preoccupied with their new lives to think of saying thanks to the one who made it possible.

Self-centeredness may be the true opposite of gratitude. It isn’t attractive. The pop singer Jason Mraz sings a lyric about having a “table at the gratitude cafe.” We
ought to grab a table there as well, and practice being thankful. Don’t wait for Thanksgiving Day to think about what you are grateful for. If you are like me, that’s when
you eat too much turkey and pie and then fall asleep in front of a football game on TV. Not the best way to reflect and be thankful. Look at your life today, see how you are
blessed, and say thanks.


Thank you, Lord, for creating and redeeming us.