Tim Brown

READ : Mark 1:16-20

. . . so that everyone who belongs to God may be proficient, equipped for every good work. (2 Tim. 3:17)

I know a man who is a Jewish rabbi. Though I pray that he might know Jesus personally, I am struck both by how much he reflects Jesus’ character and how much he knows about the land and culture in which Jesus actually lived. I always walk away from an encounter with him thrilled by a new insight into Jesus’ cultural context, knowledge that actually prompts me to love the Lord more.

I once learned from my friend the rabbi that the whole process of Jewish discipleship turns on the assumption that a disciple (called a talmid in ancient Israel) can and must become like the rabbi. If a rabbi didn’t think a talmid could become like him, he wouldn’t call him in the first place. Isn’t that fascinating? So when Jesus called his disciples he was inviting them into a lifetime of change which would end in them becoming just like him.

Something of this is reflected in Jesus’ call to James and John to follow him. Jesus promised to make something of them; namely, fishers of people. Jesus is actually following in his Father’s footsteps. The Father’s voice created the world and the Son’s voice is creating a new world. The tool he uses to form in us this new creation is the Bible.


Make something new out of me, Lord.