Like the Shepherds

Andrea Poppleton

READ : Luke 2:15-20

And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen. (v. 20)

The shepherds are an example of how to respond to the good news about a newborn King: seek him, tell others about him, and praise God for him. Once the angels had departed, the shepherds “went with haste” to Bethlehem. They didn’t wait for a more convenient time or to make sure they had all the facts straight first. Instead they hurried to seek the King. May their rush inspire us to seek the King with haste. He still can be found today.

After the shepherds encountered the Christ child, “they made known the saying that had been told them concerning this child” (v. 17). They didn’t keep the news of a Savior, born for them, to themselves. Instead, they realized that this Savior was born for others too. They shared the news with everyone they met on their way back to the fields. As we encounter Christ at Christmas, may the shepherds inspire us to share what we have seen and heard about the Savior born for all.

Finally, when the shepherds were finished sharing the news, they “returned” (to the fields? or to where they’d found the child?). There they worshiped. They glorified and praised God “for all they had heard and seen.” May our response to Christ this Christmas inspire us to offer our worship and praise to the One who put his brilliant Christmas plan into action.


Your plan to send your Son into the world is amazing, Lord. Help me to take it in and then spread the news. Amen.