Sent by the King

Andrea Poppleton

READ : Isaiah 6:1-8

Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? (v. 8)

Isaiah had the rare privilege of entering the throne room of God. In his vision Isaiah gazed upon the Lord sitting on the throne. He witnessed the angels’ worship, who cry out continuously, “Holy, holy, holy!” After taking in the whole scene, Isaiah confessed his complete unworthiness. God made him worthy, extending grace to Isaiah, and an angel delivered God’s assurance of pardon (v. 7). Grace delivered and received. God then solicited a volunteer to speak for him. Isaiah was quick to respond, “Here am I! Send me.”

This season we will receive grace upon grace from our King. Emmanuel came to earth, and we can gaze upon our Lord lying in a manger. We witness as the angels sing, “Glory to God in the highest!” And though we may not feel worthy to be part of the holy scene, God reminds us that through the actions of Jesus our guilt has departed and our sin is blotted out. Then God (even now) asks, “Whom shall I send?”

As Christmas approaches, seize opportunities to be God’s voice proclaiming the season’s central meaning: Jesus Christ. Our world takes Jesus out of Christmas celebrations and offers up replacements: Santa Claus, shopping, social events, and snowmen. If you get wrapped up in those replacements, you may not feel worthy to debunk them. But God has made you worthy. Will you now be a voice for him?


Empower me to speak for you, my King. Amen.