Solomon the Wise

Michael Wilcock

READ : 2 Chronicles 9:1-9

She came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon. (Matt. 12:42)

Well, wisdom was what he was famous for, wasn’t it?

Yes, true enough. But at the time there were less admirable things about him that persons of ill-will could have used to blacken his character. His father David, great and good king though he was, had left behind him a number of enemies only too eager to cause trouble once he was dead. As soon as Solomon was on the throne, he lost no time in dealing with them. They and their supporters had good reason to think of him as “Solomon the Ruthless.”

Once these were out of the way, his kingdom began to flourish amazingly, and before long it began to look as though he might go down in history as “Solomon the Rich.” Even the Queen of Sheba, a very wealthy woman, had to confess that the evidences of Solomon’s wealth took her breath away.

Much less admirable, as he aged, was the ever-increasing size of his harem. All those women! And he seems to have been keener on their more obvious charms than on their suitability as wives of a ruler of God’s people: “Solomon the (dare we say it) Raunchy?”

The fact remains that what the Queen of Sheba actually came for was to hear his wisdom. What she sought from Solomon, said Jesus a thousand years later, is what sensible people will go to all lengths to find out from me.


Wisdom is in short supply in our world, Lord; make us eager to learn yours.