Give Them Unconditional Love!

David Brower

READ : Isaiah 43:1-5a

. . . because I love you. (v. 4 NIV)

Isaiah 43 includes one of the most beautiful and amazing passages in all of Scripture. The people of Israel had consistently sinned and wandered away from God. Now he is about to bring judgment upon them. But still, God speaks these loving words to them. What a wonderful expression of unconditional love!

We all need God's unconditional love, and we can never earn it. God demonstrates his love in that “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Rom. 5:8). If we hope to be a positive influence in the lives of our children, this is exactly the kind of love they need from us. Love them simply because. Not because they go to church or don't go to the bar. Just love them.

Perhaps our children say that they have not felt loved. In his book The Wounded Parent—Hope for Discouraged Parents, Guy Greenfield writes: “Your first efforts may be met with rejection or cynical resentment (It's a little too late, don't you think?). Acceptance, especially at a late date, must be unconditional. You don't have to compromise your own moral conviction, however, to do this. Acceptance avoids judgmental condemnation. Acceptance communicates the fact that you value him or her as a person of infinite worth, regardless of his or her behavior. It is seldom too late for such a blessing.” Let us give this blessing of unconditional love to all, but especially to our children.


God of unconditional love, let this love flow out through me.