Take the Pressure Off!

David Brower

READ : 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24

He will do it. (v. 24 NIV)

How long have you been reaching out to a wandering loved one or friend? If you are still “working on” this person, I commend you. Most people make a few attempts, but if they see no results, they give up. Not you! This is your child, your grandchild, your spouse, your best friend. You can't stop trying!

Wendy Murray Zoba wrote a book called The Missing Mother. In it, she talks about her desperate attempts to reach her wandering son for Christ and bring him back to Christian living. “I was soon to discover, however, that the problem with the all-out combat mode is that battle fatigue sets in before results. The more I prayed, fasted and otherwise pulled out the stops in spiritual warfare, the more I expected measurable effects. When it became painfully evident that results were not part of the picture (at least at this point), the peaks of inspiration eventually were followed by troughs of dejection. I decided to stop focusing on my son's choices and start focusing on God's faithfulness.”

We will be a much more positive influence in the lives of our wandering loved ones by taking the pressure off. Relax! Enjoy your relationship with this loved one. Let God put the pressure on. He is much better at it than you are anyway. “Let go and let God!”


Lord, I let go of trying to control this. I give it to you.