Never Give Up!

David Brower

READ : Lamentations 3:17-26

Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope. (v. 21 NIV)

In Loving a Prodigal, H. Norman Wright shares how he went through four years of watching his adult daughter drop out of church and become involved in a godless and immoral lifestyle. He urges us to never throw in the towel. “You may feel like doing this. Don't! You may have already done this. Undo it! Don't despair. In the midst of anger, resentment, sorrow, confusion, pain, frustration, hurt, fear, helplessness, and anxiety—don't give up.” Wright goes on to encourage us to focus on the Lord and his grace. We never know when a change might occur. Moreover, it is important to communicate to your loved one that you will never give up on him or her—no matter what!

Jeremiah certainly could have given up. He and the people of Israel were a defeated nation living in exile as slave laborers. He lamented but remembered God's faithfulness and therefore he had hope.

The Lord is always at work, especially in our covenant children. The Hound of Heaven pursues. God's promises remain sure. Our loved ones may reject our words, but they can never dilute the power of our prayers. And the Lord can use us to be a powerful and positive influence in bringing them back to Christ and his church. Every morning renew your trust in the faithfulness of our loving Father. Never give up hope.


Every morning, Lord, I remember and wait with hope.