Family Values

David Brower

READ : Ephesians 5:22–6:4

Husbands, love your wives. (v. 25)

“My son wants to be like your husband.” That statement was made to an American woman in a Middle Eastern country by a Muslim mother. They were watching a team practice and the coach was the American's husband. The woman's son liked the way his coach related to his wife and children. And so the two women talked. I know that American family. They have a healthy marriage, a good handle on disciplining their children, and love abounds. Their family life, lived out in a Muslim culture, is the most powerful aspect of their Christian testimony. Conversations about spiritual things with Muslim neighbors and friends, like that discussion at the soccer field, often start with some aspect of family life. Their family relationships stand out and people are intrigued.

Christian families have a positive impact anywhere, but it's really significant in a culture dominated by traditions and religions not based on biblical principles. Muslims are attracted to “family values,” and they don't mind talking about matters of faith. Of course, there are significant challenges to the gospel, but barriers are broken down as people talk about things like marriage and parenting. The apostle Paul often noted the significance of family relationships to a believer's testimony. It goes to the heart of what discipleship means in everyday life. Good families make effective witnesses for Christ. That's a principle to live by in any culture.


Lord, may all my relationships honor you and the gospel.