Work and Ministry

Douglas VanBronkhorst

READ : Colossians 3:22-24

Work heartily, as for the Lord. (v. 23)

“My dad works at the hospital.” Five-year-old John was making conversation with a houseguest. I enjoyed hearing the pride in his voice. “That's great. Does your mom work too?” “Not at the hospital; she teaches at my school.” The school was for international children. The hospital, run by a Christian organization, was known for its excellent care. John's dad is in charge of its information systems. John's parents could easily find similar work, at better pay, in their home state of California, but they chose to use their professional training overseas.

The Bible says all work is for Christ and should be done for his glory, no matter where we work or what we do. But the country where John lives needs Christian workers like his parents much more than California does. That doesn't necessarily mean they are wanted. The people there are fiercely Muslim and John's mom and dad openly follow Jesus. United States invasions of Muslim countries have created animosity in many places. Nevertheless, John's parents have been accepted. Their jobs have obvious value for the community. They live in a regular neighborhood. Despite the difficulties, they have stayed long-term. Over time relationship barriers have come down, even those which prevent Muslims from considering the claims of Christ. John should be proud of his dad's work. The Spirit is using it to bring hope to the poor and good news to unreached people in a hard place.


Lord, help me do my work for your glory.