Hidden Benefits

Douglas VanBronkhorst

READ : Ephesians 3:14-21

. . . far more . . . than all that we could ask or think. (v. 20)

Mark expertly displayed the beautiful jewelry, and my wife was interested. There was some pressure—the salesman was just eleven years old and we were guests in his family's home. Still, the bottom line was that he was a practiced businessman with good products “attractively priced.” Soon Mark had made a nice sale. Both parties were happy. And I thought, “This boy has a great future.” Mark is acquiring business skills from his parents. He is becoming fluent in the second most important business language in the world and learning to relate to people from many countries. This will all be good on the résumé. The international school he attends provides an excellent college prep education. He is being well prepared for success in a globalized economy, wherever he may work.

Mark's parents didn't move overseas for the sake of their children's careers. They made this move for the sake of the poor and to share Christ with unreached people. They worried about what this would mean for their children's future. But God is no one's debtor. Those who give their life away to him get it back, with blessings they couldn't even imagine. Feeling sorry for the children of missionaries betrays the ignorance of thinking you know better than God. The wise person focuses on doing God's will, trusting him to work all things together for good, for them and their children.


Lord, I want to serve you wholeheartedly, trusting my future and my family to you.