Cherish the Ladies

Douglas VanBronkhorst

READ : 1 Corinthians 7:25-38

Now as far as young unmarried women are concerned. (JB Phillips)

Donna, Crystal, Linda, Kathryn, Clara, Jean, Susan, Margaret, Mindy, Bethany, Samantha, Lisa, Jodi, Judy, Yvonne—these are just some of the single American women I know who are working in another country, long-term, for the sake of Christ. As we think about parents and children, it's important to also remember those who voluntarily give up the expectation of being a parent in order to put following Christ first in their lives. It's not that these women don't want to be married and have children. But God called them to serve overseas, and other things are in second place. They don't get serious with any guy who isn't open to mission service, and they certainly don't think marriage is necessary to be fulfilled and happy.

There is biblical precedent regarding the benefits of singleness with respect to mission. Jesus comes to mind, and the apostle Paul. The mission of the church has depended greatly on single women. They typically make up about one-third of all cross-cultural workers. So please, don't feel sorry for these sisters. Pray for them. Pray for husbands if you like, but pray most of all in thanksgiving for their service. And what about single male missionaries? The truth is, I don't know even one. I'm not going to analyze this phenomenon, just note it is one more reason to be grateful for the contribution of single women to the church's mission in the world.


Thank you, Lord, for servants who put obedience to you ahead of every other goal.