Counting on God’s Word

Chic Broersma

READ : Isaiah 55:10-13

My word . . . will accomplish what I desire. (v. 11 NIV)

Jesus is the Word of God (John 1:14). He is God’s message, the one through whom the world was created, and “in him all things hold together” (Col. 1:17 NIV).

The food we eat at our tables comes from the earth, nurtured by the rain and snow God sends. So too our hearts are soil open to God’s word, which produces faith, hope, and love in us. Rain and snow accomplish God’s purpose for feeding his hungry children. And God’s word, spoken and lived out by you, me, and countless others—will accomplish God’s purpose in meeting the world’s spiritual famine. All that God intends to bring about through Jesus the Word will come to pass.

The final harvest of countless seekers will be so grand that “nations that do not know you will hasten to you” (Isa. 55:5 NIV). God’s people will be filled with peace and joy. “The mountains and hills . . . will burst into song . . . and the trees . . . will clap their hands” (55:12 NIV).

If you’re a teacher or preacher of God’s word, take heart. If you seek to give witness to God’s word where you work and live, be encouraged. If you’re involved in a mission organization sharing the gospel of Christ, keep your eye on the coming cosmic celebration God has planned.


Lord, send me out confident of your word.