Get Ready

Jeff Munroe

READ : Isaiah 40:3-8

A voice cries . . . prepare the way of the Lord. (v. 3)

One way to experience Advent is to think of what it feels like when you are expecting someone you love to come home. Think of a child who has been away on a trip or at school. This is where the phrase “time standing still” comes from. It’s hard to wait like that.

Imagine your child is serving in the military in a dangerous war zone. You hope and pray for the best and try not to imagine the worst. This is how the word patience evolved from the Latin word patior, which means “to suffer.” It’s hard to wait like that.

But imagine now that you get the message that you can expect your loved one at a certain time on a certain day. What would you do to get ready? I know at my house I don’t mind having company come because that inspires us to dust and vacuum and pick up in ways that day-to-day life doesn’t inspire us. And we do more than clean. We’ll go to the store and get food and we’ll spend time thinking and talking about what we’ll do when our much anticipated guest arrives. A great way to relieve the anxiety of waiting is to prepare.

How are you preparing for Christ this Advent? We can “make our paths straight” by studying the word of God, which Isaiah tells us stands forever. In encountering the written word, we also meet the living Word.


Make us hungry for your word.