David: "Adulterer and Murderer"

Jessica Heikoop

READ : 2 Samuel 11:1-27

The thing that David had done displeased the Lord. (v. 27)

David is now king of Israel. He has accomplished great things for God and his nation. This “Little One” has become the greatest and most powerful man around. Unfortunately, perhaps because of that power and renown, David goes from being an upright king to earning his worst label: “Adulterer and Murderer.” When David commits adultery with Bathsheba and learns that she is pregnant with his child, he plans a way to cover up his adultery. When that fails, he takes things into his own hands and gives a command that would guarantee her husband's death. It's no surprise to learn that the Lord was displeased with David's actions.

As a result, God convicts David through his prophet Nathan with those four oh-so-powerful words: “You are the man!” (2 Sam. 12:7). David confesses his guilt (see Ps. 51) and accepts the painful consequences. However, David doesn't give up his faith. He knows he did wrong and he will live with the memory of these labels forever, but he also knows that God's forgiveness is real and true. He was sincerely sorry for what he had done, and through repentance and God's mercy he could live the remainder of his life as a “man after God's own heart”—a man who experienced an intimate and wonderful relationship with God.


Thank you, God, for your full and free forgiveness.