Do Not Be Afraid

Joy Petroelje

READ : Psalm 27

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? (v. 1)

What are you afraid of? What worries invade your thoughts and keep you up at night? Perhaps it is the unknown, possible illness, or the loss of someone important to you. Maybe you are afraid of failure, unmet expectations, or even the darkness that falls each night.

Fear can shake our confidence. It may make us question the present and be apprehensive about the future. The writer of Psalm 27 had every reason to fear for his very life. He was surrounded by his enemies, threatened by evildoers, the victim of slander. War raged around him. He felt as though his own mother and father had turned away from him.

When we are afraid we often seek comfort in something or someone. We may either go home or run away. We may seek hope in things that do not last or turn to destructive behaviors to try to forget our fears. The psalmist took a different approach. He chose to turn to the only true source of comfort, the Lord. In God's presence he found confidence, beauty, and singing. God alone provided acceptance, a level path, and safe refuge.

The next time you are fearful, consider the safe and secure comfort of a loving God. Through his word and faithfulness, the Lord provides a sense of security like no other. When you know you are his child, you do not need to be afraid.


Loving Father, I give you my fear, and I delight in your comfort.