King of Kings Forever

David Landegent

READ : Psalm 89:19-29

[Jesus] is . . . the firstborn of all creation. (Col. 1:15)

When we talk about the first lady of the United States, we don't mean that she is the first woman who ever lived in America. Rather, it's a title of honor we reserve for the wife of the president.

Similarly, the biblical term “firstborn” does not necessarily refer to the first child born into a family. It can also be a title of honor, sometimes even given to younger children. For example, Psalm 89:27 describes David as the firstborn, even though he was Jesse's eighth son. For David, to be firstborn has nothing to do with timing but everything to do with honor. As the “firstborn,” David is “the highest of the kings of the earth.”

So when Paul calls Jesus the firstborn of all creation, he does not mean that Jesus is the first being that God created (as some cults teach). Jesus is not a creature at all but is God's eternal Son. Instead, “firstborn of all creation” is a title of honor, which means that Jesus rules over all creation.

David's children often squabbled over who would be the next “firstborn” to rule Israel after his death. Fortunately, all of us in Jesus' family never have to squabble over who gets to lead next. Unlike David, King Jesus will never pass away; he will never have to hand over the “firstborn” title to someone else. All the honor belongs to him forever.


King Jesus, yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.