Property of Jesus

David Landegent

READ : John 1:1-4

For by him all things were created. (Col. 1:16)

In order to simplify a complex world, our minds often divide things into compartments: work and play, evangelism and social action, hymns and praise songs, trendy and outdated. A very common way to compartmentalize life is to regard things as either spiritual or secular. The spiritual would include prayer, Bible-reading, worship, love, and Jesus. The secular would include pretty much everything else.

Unfortunately, we often construct rigid walls between these compartments, as if they had nothing to do with each other. When this happens some Christians focus on what's spiritual and ignore “secular” issues like the environment or politics. Others become hypocrites—acting spiritual at church but forgetting about God when they are in the workplace.

But Jesus doesn't want to divide the spiritual from the secular; he made and claims them both. All things in creation, large and small, visible and invisible, belong to Jesus, without exception.

And everything in your life—not just the stuff in your religious compartment—belongs to Jesus as well. He made and claims for his own the hairs on your head, the prayers for your country, the heirs in your will, the chairs in your man-cave, the fairs on your vacation, the tears in your moral fabric, the shares in your stock portfolio, and the wares in your kitchen. Jesus cares about all things; so must we.


May all of my life, Lord, not just the spiritual part, belong to you.