A Better GPS

David Landegent

READ : Revelation 1:4-8

All things were created . . . for him. (Col. 1:16)

All the men who have ever been teased because of their unwillingness to stop and ask for directions now have a breakthrough. Because many cars and cell phones come equipped with GPS (Global Positioning Systems), men can now get directions without stopping! They simply type in the address of their destination, and the GPS will tell them how to proceed from where they are.

In Colossians 1 Paul describes a different kind of GPS, a Godly Positioning System, which tells us both where we've come from and where we're going. Paul has already said that Jesus is our starting point; we were created by him and through him. But now that we've begun our new life in Christ, where are we headed? Once again, the answer is Christ. Jesus is both the Alpha and the Omega (the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet). Jesus is the Beginning and the End. Jesus is our point of origin and our eternal destination.

That's what Paul means when he says we are created for Christ. We were made for his pleasure and his purposes. We were made for eternal fellowship with him, heading for him and toward him each day (the preposition for could also be translated as toward). We don't have to get lost, or even stop and ask for directions, because through his Word, with the illumination of his Spirit, God has given us a GPS that guides us toward Jesus each step of the way.


Lord, cause me to move toward you today.