An Audacious Claim

Elsie Punt

READ : John 1:1-14

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. (v. 5)

The problems of life can feel overwhelming. Yet in this passage we are reminded that darkness cannot overcome light. If you turn on a light in a dark room, it rids the room of darkness every time. This passage tells us that Christ is our light and teaches us that nothing is dark enough to overcome that light.

The other day as I was driving I heard a quirky song that compared heaven to a big party happening upstairs. The song mentioned the blind, lame, mute, prostitutes, drunks, and drug addicts all together healthy and happy. It suddenly struck me how overwhelming, and even a little crazy, the claim of Christ is. I began to cry.

I cried because we believe that for all the problems of this life there is only one answer—the blood of Jesus. That is an audacious claim, that there is just one answer to every problem and that we know that answer. But it’s true! Therefore we live in hope—hope for the family member in jail for drug use, for the teacher fighting cancer, for the man struggling with depression, for the woman who lost her job, for the child whose home is broken, for all the pain and hurt and evil in life. Only one thing is needed to overcome the darkness. For all the darkness in this life, for all the problems on this earth, the only true light is Christ.


Jesus, thank you for coming to earth, for salvation, and for your light in my life.