What Are You Looking At?

Elsie Punt

READ : Matthew 6:19-24

If the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness! (v. 23)

Healthy eyes are able to focus well. In this passage having a healthy eye means focusing on the right things, on things that bring light rather than darkness. It specifically mentions money as something that often catches and holds our attention in unhealthy ways. Money is a stumbling block for many, but so is anything that fills your heart and makes you unable to live faithfully.

My mom tells a story of one Christmas when she was a young girl. She saw a pair of red shoes and desperately wanted them. When she noticed a shoebox-shaped gift she was ecstatic, until she opened it and found brown shoes inside. She now admits she doesn’t usually like the color red and probably wouldn’t have gotten much use out of the red shoes. Yet her eyes were so focused on them that she was unable to be happy with what she had been given.

Too often we fix our eyes on things that aren’t good for us or that are just plain wrong. We turn our eyes toward images of wealth, sex, or violence—things that bring darkness into our hearts and minds. Instead we should look first to Christ, the light of the world. Then we look to other good things—family, community, friendship, generosity, and all the things that fill us with light.


Help me fix my eyes on you and your good gifts and forgive me when I fill my eyes with things that bring darkness into my heart.