Spring of Living Water

Joshua Schied

READ : Jeremiah 2:4-13

For my people have committed two evils: they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and hewed out . . . broken cisterns that can hold no water. (v. 13)

The most hurtful conversation I have ever had was with a person from a church where I once worked. She said that my spiritual life was weak, that I was mistaken in where God was leading an upcoming sermon, and that I had no business being a pastor. Her words cut to my heart, and I entered a dark time of self-doubt regarding my ministry.

I questioned everything I did as a pastor. I forgot to trust in the Lord’s promises, instead critically judging my own works. Jeremiah vividly illustrates the people of Israel failing to trust the Lord—the spring of living water—and instead putting their trust in other things. Those who dig “cisterns for themselves” (v. 13) may appeal to “good works” as insurance for salvation, but God’s provision is enough.

Sometimes we fear that God can’t sustain us, or that God will let us down as we face poverty and sickness or hardship and conflict. No matter how much I tried during that difficult time, my devotions felt as lifeless as a stale puddle. But we must continue to go to the spring of living water. Though it may appear only a trickle at times, it is enough to sustain us each day. God will never run dry—even during the most severe drought. He is the spring of living water that is clean and pure, sufficient for all our needs.


God, help us to trust you.