Step into the Waters

Joshua Schied

READ : Matthew 14:22-33

Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water. (v. 29)

Peter exhibited great faith when he stepped out of the boat and onto the water. But then the circumstances, the wind and the waves, took his attention away from Jesus. What began with a bold and impassioned step required a level of focus and attention that Peter wasn’t accustomed to. Standing in the waves, Peter realized that the water on which he stood was not something that could support the weight of a human being.

We all know what Peter should have done. He should have kept his eyes on Jesus and not on the storm that surrounded him. But that’s easy for us to say. I wonder how many of us have ever stepped out of the boat like Peter did. None of the other disciples did. I regularly choose the path of comfort instead of finding the courage to follow Jesus.

There are two important lessons in this story. First, find ways to incorporate some adventure in your life: get out of the boat, take a bold step onto the water. Second, when you do step out of the boat, learn from Peter’s mistake. Stay focused on Jesus and not on your own circumstances or strength. The waves will come as soon as you are out of the boat; they come even when you stay in the boat. But Jesus is walking in the waves and if you keep your attention on him he will keep you afloat.


Lord, grant us courage to follow you.