Water from the Well

Joshua Schied

READ : John 4:1-15

With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation. (Isa. 12:3)

One of the greatest experiences of my life was traveling to Israel. Walking in the land of the Bible, Scripture came to life. But the real joy of that experience was not in the sights, sounds, or smells of the Holy Land, but in the relationships that formed with my traveling partners. We shared the hurt and happiness of our lives with one another, learning that our joy doesn’t come from successes or failures. Our joy is rooted in the source of our salvation.

In the Bible, water is used many times as an image of salvation. In Isaiah, the people of God are to find their water in wells of salvation. These wells never go dry, and the water is always refreshing. Jesus, speaking to the woman at Jacob’s well, teaches us that the well of salvation is not found through works or rituals but in him (v. 14). When we drink of Jesus, we are filled with the living stream of God’s Holy Spirit. We do not have to go on a great pilgrimage to find the well. The spring of God’s amazing grace is even now flowing into our hearts.

Rejoice! For the Lord has saved you and made you his own, and even now his living water is in your life. So draw water from the well, drink of it deeply, and find your refreshment in God.


Lord of life, help us to drink from your well.