The Flashlight

Derek Noorman

READ : Psalm 119:105-112

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. (v. 105)

The woods get dark at night! What if you had to stay there? This adventure (nightmare) befell me years ago while deer hunting. Leaving the truck in the morning and heading out we failed to double check our equipment. That evening when we reached for our flashlights to make the return journey we realized our grave mistake; all of our flashlights contained bad batteries, not a single light worked. The reward for our carelessness was a bitter cold night’s sleep buried under pine branches for warmth.

The word of the Lord, says the psalmist, is a lamp and a light; it is an illuminating force by which one can see what lies ahead. Just as one cannot walk in the woods at night without the help of a flashlight, one cannot walk through this world, with all its snares and traps, without the light from God’s word shining on the path.

As the model Jew, Jesus had memorized Scripture, from Genesis through Malachi so that he could draw from it as needed. Can you imagine at age 14 or 15 having the entire Old Testament memorized? What light could we be if we had that much Scripture inside us? How much more easily could we reflect the light of Jesus to those around us?


Lord Jesus, grant me the ability to enter into your word as a student so I may study it and it may become a light to my path.