Awaiting the Call

Dan DeGraff

READ : James 4:13–5:20

You also, be patient. (v. 8)

When most of us think about sports our focus is on the action, but we forget there’s a lot of sitting around and waiting. Rookies anticipate the call of their agents on draft day. A relief pitcher warms up in the bullpen expecting the signal to send him to the mound to get out of a late inning jam. The anxious all-star wonders if he’ll be called to move as the trade deadline looms. The words used by James to Christians could also calm these athletes: “Be patient.”

The anxiousness that James speaks to in the closing verses of this book reveal that even if his audience is struggling with things of the world, their faith has them wired for the second coming of Christ. James coaxes them to live in the present but also gives them some ways to keep busy with one another. The final call builds the people up with instructions to pray, to sing, to visit those in need, and to commit everything to the Lord in prayer by faith.

The encouragement to wait patiently for the second “call” of the Lord remains in effect today. We wait with hope and perseverance, not laziness and boredom. Like athletes whose chance to shine only occurs when the call does come, so too will we experience true fulfillment when Christ comes again. May we be patient, with our hearts established in love for others, our minds steadfast like Job, and our focus entirely on the coming Christ.


Come, Lord Jesus!