Hurry Up and Wait

Timothy Nelson

READ : Exodus 14:10-14

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. (v. 14 NIV)

In many traditional North African cultures, when someone breaks the law or causes harm to another person, they and their family are held responsible for the damages. In fact, it is rare that the offending party is even able to testify for themselves in court. The extended family of the offender is liable for the damages incurred as well. Depending on the situation, all the offender and his family can do is wait, while a larger group from the community decides their fate. This takes a lot of trust.

All of us have had times or situations where we felt helpless to help ourselves. While my wife and I were adopting our son from Ghana, there were numerous times when we had to step back, be silent, and allow our attorney and advocates to speak for us. We felt helpless, not knowing the language or customs. Trusting someone else to speak for you can be incredibly difficult.

In Exodus 14, the recently freed Israelites find themselves surrounded by an Egyptian army. The Israelites are clearly outnumbered and see certain death all around them. Moses speaks assuredly that no harm will come to them and that the Lord will come to their aid to fight the battle for them. Remember the Lord’s faithfulness today. Wherever you are, he has brought you there and will fight for you.


Lord, allow us to trust your faithful promises and allow you to fight our battles.