Our Help Comes from the Lord

Grace Claus

READ : Psalm 121

The Lord will keep you from all evil; he will keep your life. (v. 7)

At the season when summer crosses into fall, when night creeps into the daylight hours and when life picks up speed, I can begin to lose heart. Summer’s leisurely pace and long afternoons have passed. Life presses in. It demands more of me — Do these dozen things! Be in three places at once! — but offers no extra time as help or more sunlight as encouragement. If I’m not careful, I can spend whole days scurrying around, trying to accomplish everything on my list.

In my heart, I know I’ll never finish everything. I’ll only get worn down. I’m a creature with a short attention span and limited skills. I’m easily overwhelmed, frightened, and hurt. I need someone beyond me.

Who is beyond me? The Lord is. He is my help. This psalm calls me to take my eyes off my planner and phone and stacks of papers and to look to the Lord. Sturdy as a mountain, he guards and protects me. While he does notice what I do and how I feel, he also grounds me in something far deeper than those things. He grounds me in himself. He is trustworthy and true; he is sure. He never slumbers, never tires, never glances away. And he keeps not only my life but the lives of whole nations. This is the one to whom we look and in whom we have life.


God of Israel, we look to you for help. Keep our lives.