The Creative Life

Andrea Poppleton

READ : Genesis 1:26-27
John 1:1-5

God created humankind in his image. (v. 27 NRSV)

To begin a set of devotions centered on the creative life it seems fitting to start “in the beginning.” In Genesis 1, we are introduced to the Creator, our God who fashioned the heavens and the earth from a formless void. The creation account focuses on the physical world that God created—light, water, sky, dry land, plants, animals, and humankind—giving poetic “props” to the God who made something out of nothing. But God’s creative work is not limited to the material. John reminds us that “All things were created by him” (v. 3). God made the material and the immaterial. God created light, but he also created love. God created water, but he also created wisdom. God created sky, but he also created Sabbath.

When we think of creative living, our minds focus first on the material world—on things we make with our hands from matter. Certainly the material world contains a storehouse of “stuff” to satisfy our creative ambitions. But creativity extends beyond the realm of matter. Just as God created in the realm of the intangible, so can we. As image-bearers of God we can exercise our creative capabilities in the world of both the tangible and the intangible. What does that mean? It means that even if you do not feel crafty or clever, there are still ways you can be creative. The invisible “stuff” of life gives plenty of opportunities to do so.


Creator God, show me how to be creative with the “stuff” of my life. Amen.